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The nutraceuticals market encompasses a diverse array of food and food products providing health and medical benefits, such as fish oil, multivitamins and supplements.

The Company is initially focused on the highest margin and fastest growth segments of the nutraceuticals market: Omega-3, an important supplement to overall health and the most consumed supplement in the U.S., and carotenoids, which include high value antioxidants. Many of the key compounds in nutraceuticals products, including Omega-3s, are also important ingredients for many products in the personal care market.

A number of compounds derived from BPA’s products offer significant value in these human nutrition and personal care markets. Examples include a sustainable, natural source for compounds that are already used extensively in the marketplace, such as for Omega-3 enriched, high protein and antioxidant-rich products and supplements, as well as a variety of edible oils and pigments. Many nutraceutical and personal care products rely heavily on unsustainable supplies of key nutrients, especially Omega-3 products, which are primarily derived from fish oils. A static fish supply is being continually outstretched by demand for fish oil, which is being utilized in an increasing number of products, generating a clear need for a sustainable alternative. BioProcess Algae has already screened strains enriched in Omega-3 fatty acids, including specific strains rich in EPA and DHA.